Dance Classes



Cuban Salsa traces its origin as a partner dance from Cuban Son dancing, and its rhythmic body motions from Afro-Cuban Rumba heritage. Movimiento teaches a blend of mostly Cuban Salsa, with some influences from other styles, acknowledging Salsa as an ever-evolving genre. This is a great starting point for competence and adaptability in social salsa.Demonstration by Terry and Cecile of SalsAlianza, France.


Bachata is a sexy and fluid partner dance set to lyrical music which has emerged from the barrios of the Dominican Republic. It has a simpler time signature than Salsa, lending itself to a range of interpretations from simple turns to the complex footwork characteristic of Dominican style. Movimiento incorporates smooth Bachata Moderna with a dash of Dominican footwork.Below: Demonstrated by Ataca & La Alemana of Island Touch Dance Academy, Florida.


Fluid and sexy Bachata spiced up with the contained passion and narrative quality of Tango. Bachata Basics class or Bachata experience is prerequisite to Bachatango.Below: Demonstrated by Basi and Deisy, Madrid/Ecuador


Rueda de Casino was developed in Havana, Cuba. It is a progressive form of Salsa in which pairs of dancers form a circle (Rueda is Spanish for wheel), and the dance moves are shouted or signalled by a caller. Many of the moves involve rapidly swapping partners, allowing for novelty turns and making this form of Salsa the most social and fun!Below: Demonstrated by Impacto Casino, Santiago de Cuba.


Zouk Lambada was developed in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, but uses a modified, slower, smoother, even more sensual version of the old Lambada. It was typically danced to music from the French Caribbean, but a broader range of music is now modified to the Zouk beat.Below: Demonstrated by Kadu Pires & Larissa Thayane.


L.A. Salsa is strongly influenced by the Mambo, Swing, Argentine Tango and Latin Ballroom dancing styles. L.A. style places strong emphasis on sensuousness, theatricality, and musicality.Below: Demonstrated by Adrian And Anita, Uruguay & Brazil.



Bachata danced as a progressive in a circle with unique turn patterns, very interactive, social and fun.


Below: Cara Johns of  Scimitar Moon Belly Dance