Tonight! Festival de las Flores Latin Party

Movimiento’s May Latin Dance Party is a celebration of the ephemeral beauty of flowers, the importance of friendship, the transience of life, and our imperative to dance while we may! Starts 8.30pm, $10 entry, Rosario on the decks, & Artgaze manning the bar.

A Memorial Gathering for Laura will be held before the party, from 6.00pm to 7.30pm, and anyone who knew her is invited. See the calendar for details.

New Salsa schedule!

Movimiento’s Salsa Cubana classes are now split across two nights, with a slightly changed format and more distinct levels for progression.
FRIDAYS is dedicated to partnered Cuban Salsa, with Beginners at 6pm and Beyond Beginners at 6.45pm. The Friday classes are the starting point, and are pre-requisite to joining Monday classes.
Students are encouraged to continue to attend the Beginner class once they reach Beyond Beginner (just $5 extra with a Movimiento dance card) to continue drilling footwork and timing, reviewing the basics, and warming up for the Beyond Beginner class.

MONDAYS are for both Cuban Salsa and Rueda de Casino (group formation salsa dancing). Students can progress to the 8.30pm Beyond Beginners to Progressing class, then to the 7.45pm Intermediate One, then 7pm Intermediate Two to Advanced class.

Monday’s classes are held in reverse order of difficulty so that more advanced students can stay free for the classes below their own level. This serves several purposes: it allows the instructor to balance leader/follower numbers more easily, newer learners get to feel what it’s like to dance with more experienced dancers, and the advanced students get to drill their skills and improve their style.

There will be lists available of the moves you’re required to know before progressing to the next level, but beyond the ‘moves’ you will need to also exhibit a decent grasp on timing, musicality, body movement, leading and following. It is recommended that you book a private class to address any gaps in your knowledge before progressing.
Call Bernadette on 0415 296 764 to discuss any of this, or to make an appointment for a private lesson.

May Full Moon Salsa on the Strand

It’s time to howl, stomp, drum and dance under the Full Moon again!*
Saturday 2nd of May 7.30pm at the Strand Amphitheatre, straight after Full Moon Drum Circle, join us for some free, community street latin dancing. Everyone is welcome.
Facilitated by Movimiento, with the support of Alex Salvador’s Rhythm Connection, and the co-operation of Townsville City Council.
*weather permitting, of course…